"Gazdat2 makes the weekly process of producing self-billing invoices easy and painless. We get the information we need quickly and efficiently. This software is the back-bone of our company" - Richard Oliver, Managing Director, Matrix Direct Sales Ltd

What is Gazdat2© ?

Gazdat2© has been developed to meet the market need for a powerful and flexible sales agent commission and billing system. It was initially developed to meet the requirements for energy selling companies but has been expanded to provide support for all kinds of activities within the direct selling market.

Sales Team PictureIt's main focus is to remove the large overheads of supporting a multi-campaign, multi-tiered sales agent commission structure, allowing companies to offer a huge range of commission structures to every sales agent simply and efficiently. This gives clients the flexibility to offer considerable selling incentives to their workforce without the cost of employing a number of staff behind the scenes to determine and produce sales commission figures every week.

Not only does Gazdat2© offer the ability to calculate multiple commission rates, its detailed cancellation and claw back mechanisms allow a one click return of commissions previously paid to sales agents and their managers.

Gazdat2© produces detailed pay reports for sales agents and sales managers and creates self-billing invoices at the touch of the button. Add to this the ability to include recurring or ad hoc expenses payments for individual sales staff and it is clear just how much time and effort can be saved by an organization using Gazdat2©.

Gazdat2© has been developed in Microsoft Access©, which allows not only the great feature set of Gazdat2© to be utilized, but the opportunity for users to exploit the abilities of Microsoft Access© for creation of their own database queries and bespoke reports.


The Gazdat© series of software products were first developed in 1998 to meet the needs of large Direct Marketing companies who wanted to deliver high sales volumes by providing a tiered commission structure to both sales agents and their managers. After the initial success of the original Gazdat© product, a number of enhancements were made until 2002 when Gazdat2© was launched.

Main Features

Gazdat2© has been designed to:

Capture sales information for all sales agent and sales managers.

  • Sales, partial/full cancellations and claw backs are all recorded
  • Sales managers have their own direct sales recorded.
  • Sales managers have their team's sales totalised automatically.

Deliver pay information for sales agents and sales managers.

  • Self-billing invoices that include detailed sales and expenses information for each sales agent and manager.

Provide a multi-faceted commission structure to encourage sales development.

  • Sales product level commission - The standard commission rate and is a basic commission structure.

  • Sales package level commission - Another basic commission structure. A package is a combination of up to 5 different products. The package commission rate can be simply the total of the commission rates of the products making up the package or can be amended to reflect a higher commission rate to reward selling premium products. A good example of a package is for energy companies who sell 'Duel Fuel' packages made up of both Electricity and Gas products.

  • Campaign level commission - Any product or package within a sales campaign can have its commission rate altered to reflect the importance of the campaign. This is crucial in a new geographical area or high-value-client campaign to provide instant sales incentive to sales agents without altering the basic commission structures.

  • Sales agent level commission - Each sales agent may have their commission rates for each campaign amended to reflect their status within the sales organization or to provide even more incentive to sell. It is easy to set up a commission structure that is personal to every member of the sales team if required or simply target either end of the sales spectrum, with low commission rates for those who new to the organization and premium rates for top sellers. The sales agent level commission also adds all kinds of extra commission rates:

    • 5 tiers of sales volumes with the commission rate increasing automatically by hitting sales targets.
    • Saturday commission rate.
    • Sunday commission rate.
    • Weekend commission rate.
    • Bank Holiday commission rate.

  • Sales manager level commission - Each sales team manager can been incentivised to deliver greater sales from their team by using specialized commission rates. These rates are based on their teams totals sales and again have 5 tiers of commission rate driven by the number of sales. There are two styles of deciding team sales and these are:

    • By total volume of sales per product and campaign for the sales team under the sales managers control e.g. if the sales team comprises of 10 sales agents who sold a total of 150 products then the sales manager will receive the tiered commission rate that the 150 sales relates to.
    • By each individual sales agent hitting a target set e.g. the target is set at 15 sales per sales agent and the sales breakdown is as setout below:

    Agent A - 12 sales
    Agent B - 18 sales*
    Agent C - 10 sales
    Agent D - 20 sales*
    Agent E - 15 sales*
    Agent F - 17 sales*
    Agent G - 02 sales
    Agent H - 11 sales
    Agent I - 20 sales*
    Agent J - 25 sales*

    Although in total 150 sales have been made, the sales manager will only receive commission on those sales hitting the 15-or-above target, as marked by *. This incentivises the sales manager to ensure quality performance throughout their team rather than relying on the 'big hitters' to exceed sales expectations.

Deliver management information regarding sales performance and profitability.

  • Sales reports on individual sales agents, sales teams, sales managers.
  • Historical reporting allowing 'now and then' analysis.

Allow custom reporting and data mining

  • Using Microsoft Access© provides the flexibility for customer queries and reports to be easily written without GSTS involvement.

Automatic Sales Loading

A number of sales information file interfaces have been developed for Gazdat2© which provide the following benefits:

  • Removal of the keying process of sales information.

    • No longer do a team of people need to be employed to enter sales information.
    • No more data entry mistakes and the subsequent need to correct them.
    • No more chasing paper sales contracts around the office.

  • Sales information is delivered much more quickly to the system.

    • A sales information file containing 1000's of sales records can be processed in less than 2mins. To manually key that amount of information would take a large data entry team days.

  • The big picture at the touch of a button.

    • No more waiting for keying to be complete for management to understand what sales have been completed, cancelled etc.
    • Quicker information means quicker management response.

  • Produce sales agent pay information when you want

    • Once the sales information file is loaded you have everything you need to produce your reports.
    • No more worrying about completing the data entry in time to meet the pay reporting deadline.
    • No fears during winter that if your data entry team can't come in, you won't deliver accurate pay reports.

  • Operational streamlining and cost saving.

    • A single member of staff can upload the sales information and produce all the required pay and management information reports !
    • No embarrassing data entry mistakes.
    • No costly data entry team.

Be robust and require little maintenance

  • Operational Availability

    • Since 1998 Gazdat© products have delivered a 99.99999......% operational availability.

  • Maintenance Required

    • Microsoft Access© database compaction required once a month (recommended weekly) taking less than 5 minutes.
    • No manual user intervention required if GazUtilities© purchased.

Client Review

"Having found Gary Short Technological Services we invested in their unique software - Gazdat, in 1999 and I have to say that Gazdat has now become the indispensable software brain of the business.  Over the years Gary Short and his team have constantly updated the software to our bespoke needs.  We offer direct sales services to major blue-chip companies such as ScottishPower, The Carphone Warehouse, Sainsbury's, etc. 

The great thing with Gazdat is it's versatility to be able to adapt to whatever sales campaigns we have.  We input over 5000 contracts a week into Gazdat, we then utilize this data to run a weekly detailed commission report to over 200 sales reps.  Added to this, Gazdat provides numerous management reports that have now become essential to the running of our sales force.

A piece of software than runs a weekly pay run has to be ultra reliable, again, happy to confirm that Gazdat has also proved to be an amazingly robust program.  Happy to confirm Gazdat's credentials, or any questions anyone might have to its various uses." 

Richard Oliver, Managing Director, Matrix Direct Sales Ltd

ompanion Software for Gazdat2©

Gazutilities© - Utilities for automatic archiving and backing up Gazdat2©.

TheEditor© - Allows for historical corrections to sales agents' pay.