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What is GazUtilities© ?

Gazutilities© provides a suite of functions that can be scheduled to perform a number of maintenance tasks for Gazdat2©. It also provides facilities to allow the backup and compaction of any Microsoft Access© database (.MDB).

Main Features

GazUtilities© has been designed to:

Automatically shutdown Gazdat2©

The automatic shutdown will:

  • Stop any logins to Gazdat2©.
  • Put a 5 minute warning onscreen to any users logged in requesting that they sign out.
  • After 5 minutes will automatically logout all users.

This function ensures that there is no danger of running backups, compactions or archiving processes with users still manipulating information.

Automatically startup Gazdat2©

Allows logins and removes warning messages regarding a Gazdat2© shutdown.

Compact Gazdat2©

This function uses a Microsoft Access© database compaction routine to ensure maintain optimal performance within Gazdat2©.

Backup Gazdat2©

Creates a backup copy of Gazdat2©.

Archive Gazdat2© sales And pay information

Archiving Screen SmallThe archive process removes aged sales and pay information from Gazdat2© and places it into an archive database.

Although Gazdat2© does not require regular archiving, having aged information removed from it which rarely needs referencing makes good business sense. However, to perform a non-system-driven archive is time consuming and needs careful planning to ensure all the relevant data is archived at the same time.

By using GazUtilities to archive information, data can be removed easily and quickly. It is simple to set up an archive schedule whereby a rolling number of sales periods are kept on Gazdat2© - six months worth for example - and all the sales period information older than this is automatically archived.

Provide a comprehensive range of scheduling options

GazUtilities SmallAll the above functions can be scheduled to run daily, every x number of days, weekly on a given day or monthly on a given date. The functions can be scheduled for any time of the day / date selected.

Gazutilities© also includes a self rescheduling process after a function is performed or after non-performance of function (in the case of a unexpected unavailability e.g. power cut etc).

Provide ad hoc processing options

GazUtilities© also provides functions to allow users to run any of the five functions - startup, shutdown, compact, backup and archive - whenever they wish without having to schedule a change. Also the compact and backup functions may be used on any Microsoft Access© database (.MDB) from within Gazutilities©.

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