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Methodologies used within GSTS

In 2007 Director Gary Short announced the use of the PRINCE2 and Management of Risk (M_o_R) for all future developments to be undertaken by GSTS. This was supplemented by the use of Agile in mid 2008.


Prince2 PictureGary says "It is important that GSTS adopts a formal and recognised methodology for managing projects. We have many years of experience of running projects, both large and small, using a number of differing project management methodologies we encounter at client sites. It has been difficult to find one that offers us as an organization both continuity with our clients and also the scaleability we require to run the smaller projects centered around the GAZDAT© software products. I believe that by adopting the PRINCE2 we will have the flexibility to manage any size of project using a proven framework of project management best practice".   


Agile PictureFor small scale developments where GSTS are in close proximity to business stakeholders Agile techniques will be used to deliver fast-paced system development based on the Scrum approach. Gary says "After running a project to deliver Agile to a 1,500 strong IT community it was clear that the benefits of the Agile approach could be extremely enticing for a company such as ours".

Scrum uses an approach of close team working and daily communication based around the concept of a Sprint. A Sprint is a time boxed development of between two to four weeks which is most cases will result in working software albeit with only some of the functionality of the final envisaged software product. A Sprint uses a Sprint Backlog - which is the requirements for that Sprint to determine what is to be developed. The Sprint Backlog in turn is a subset of the prioritised requirements for the whole development which is known as the Product Backlog.

Agile differs from the more traditional 'Waterfall methodologies' as it is built around the expectation that stakeholders will change their requirements as the project develops and is geared to ensure those changes are managed quickly and efficiently.

Management of Risk (M_o_R)

Risk PictureGary says "It is critical that we all within GSTS understand how to identify and manage risk within all aspects of our work. Failure to do so can cause significant disruption and financial loss to the organisation. I want to ensure that everyone within the company understands the importance of evaluating, communicating and managing risk throughout all we do and I believe M_o_R is the way to achieve this."

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