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What is TheEditor ?

TheEditor© is designed to make corrections to the historical sales pay information held within Gazdat2©. It is used when a operational mistake has been identified with a sales agent's commission and needs to be retrospectively corrected. Mistakes during the keying process or errors contained on interface files are virtually impossible to spot at the time and only will these operational errors come to light once a sales agent queries their pay.

As Gazdat2© contains many versatile commission structures one change can have a knock on affect to a sales agent's pay as shown by the following example.

Historical pay scenario:

Two sales agents paid at £22.50 per sale but £25 per sale if they achieve 20 sales in a period

Agent A paid for 20 sales @ £25 per sale - agent A hit the 20 sales in a period.
Agent B paid for 19 sales @ £22.50 per sale - agent B did not achieve 20 sales in a period.

It has subsequently come to light that an error was made and one of the sales attributed to sales agent A should in reality belong to sales agent B. To correct this situation the following must happen:

Agent A

Agent B

PHEW ! Now you can see why TheEditor© was created.

Main Features

TheEditor© has been designed to:

Make amendments to Gazdat2©

Correct sales attributed to the wrong sales agent.

Correct sales showing an incorrect product.

Correct sales showing the wrong date of sale.

Correct sales having been processed on the wrong commission tier.

Allow the addition of missing contracts.

Ensure all changes are updated within the relevant sales and pay data tables.

Produce ad hoc sales pay reports

Produce detailed ad hoc sales reports for each sales agent affected by corrections.

Produce a self-billing invoice for each sales agent affected by corrections.

Retain details of corrections made

Store all changes made to ensure that there is an audit trail of corrections.


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