Treuddyn Play Park Redevelopment


The play area in Treuddyn had become extremely tired with worn out equipment and little to excite the youngsters in the village. The village council wanted to revitalise the area to help provide a place where children of all ages and backgrounds could meet, have fun and experience a wide variety of play styles.

GSTS Involvement

During 2009 GSTS Director Gill Short helped compile numerous grant applications to obtain funding for a complete overhaul of the Treuddyn Play Area.  All grants applied for were successful – initially totalling £178,000 - and Gill was tasked with project managing the various elements required to complete the scheme.  There were 4 separate streams of work involved – construction of the BMX pump track, relaying of drainage throughout the whole field,  reworking the play provision and general upgrading of infrastructure. To accomodate the very demanding timescales for delivery of the project it was decided that GSTS would reallocate work to allow Gill to devote her time to this as a priority.

Treuddyn Play Area BMX Pump Track Development
Work on the BMX Pump track begins.....
Track surface and contouring finished
Turfing of the banks completed

Due to restrictions imposed by the funding agencies the monies were made available in December 2010 but had to be spent by 24th March 2011 – with works completed and invoiced in order to draw down the funds.  This meant that a strict timetable had to be drafted allowing works to progress quickly with 3 separate contractors on site without impacting on other areas of work.  Gill liaised closely with Flintshire County Council Leisure Services to ensure that all proposed equipment would be covered by their insurance and maintenance schedule.  Several items selected were new to Flintshire and required research and liaison with other local authorities to determine their fitness for purpose. 

Gill designed an Excel spreadsheet which tabulated all items purchased, their cost, installation cost, delivery charge, surface area and surface finish cost.  Also on the spreadsheet were tracking dates to enable Gill to manage and control orders, deliveries, installation, invoicing, claiming funds, monies received and payment of invoices.   This spreadsheet approach has subsequently been adopted by the local authority to manage future projects.  By using this approach Gill was able to manage the 4 streams to a successful conclusion by 24th March – one of the funding agencies was so impressed with the management of the grant that a further £12,000 was made available on the provision it could be spent and invoiced within 3 days – this was achieved.

Treuddyn Play Area
Fun climbing and adult fitness equipment
Toddler Area
Climbing and fitness equipment

Following the initial project a further grant application was successful and the same approach was used to complete a second phase of play equipment which was completed within 4 weeks. 

The Treuddyn Play Area has been used as a showcase for community effort and achievement with widespread publicity both locally and nationally via the newspapers and radio.  Other Communities and associations have approached Gill and been guided through the processes required to complete schemes.  Whilst the grant applications were a collaborative effort – the planning, design, project management and budgeting all fell to Gill and resulted in a controlled and planned project greatly exceeding the expectations of the funding agencies and the community.

GSTS were happy to be involved in this work on a purely voluntary basis and Gill Short worked exceptionally hard to ensure the project was a success.