About Us

Our Mission

Since 2001, we have been helping businesses achieve their business goals. Whether it be through consultancy, supply of our own software, or sales and implementation of our partner’s products we pride ourselves on getting an excellent outcome for our customers.

Gary Short Technological Services Ltd has worked with a variety of businesses across the globe. We understand that every business has its own goals and challenges for achieving them. We bring a flexible and open-minded approach to ensuring we get it right for our customers.

Great Experiences

We always strive to ensure the customer is completely satisfied with everything we do. We know the secret to a long lasting business relationship is honesty and integrity and therefore we never over-sell products or services but ensure customers understand exactly what a product can do for their business.

Our Core Values

Whatever our engagement with a client we always work with our core values at the centre of our thinking.


"Working with Gary Short Technological Services is like sitting in your favourite armchair - you feel calm, relaxed, safe and very comfy indeed !"
Barclays Bank
Senior IT Manager
"I think you are brilliant !"
Lloyds Bank
Senior IT Implementation Manager
"The client has told us that to find more consultants just like you !"
Third party representing Halifax Bank
Senior Consultancy Manager

"Having found Gary Short Technological Services we invested in their unique software in 2001 and I have to say that it has now become the indispensable software brain of the business. Over the years Gary Short and his team have constantly updated the software to our bespoke needs."

"The great thing with the software is its versatility to be able to adapt to whatever sales campaigns we have."

"A piece of software than runs a weekly pay run has to be ultra reliable, again, happy to confirm that it has also proved to be an amazingly robust program."

Managing Director
Matrix Direct Sales Ltd